BlackBerry Surveillance

TrackWary BlackBerry Surveillance

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based on 761 ratings.
21 BlackBerry Surveillance user reviews.

  • All the features of PRO
  • Remote Listening
  • GPS Tracking, Call Logging
  • Auto Join Calls
  • Single Phone Use


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TrackWary Listener

  • Remote Listening of
    Device surroundings
  • Installs and hides on phone
  • Auto answers phone
    without any phone alerts
  • Change settings remotely from web


TrackWary PRO Complete

  • Remote Listening
  • GPS Tracking, Call Logging
  • Auto Join Calls
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Multiple Device Installs - Install on up to 5 devices!


Now $198.00/year
(best value @ $16.50/month)

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Use TrackWary to:
  • Catch Cyber Bullys - GPS Tracking Children
  • Protect your family and children
  • Stop employee theft
  • Recover your lost or stolen BlackBerry
  • Use it for personal data backups.

TrackWary is compatible with all BlackBerry cell phones.

Feature Comparison TrackWary Lite TrackWary PRO Monthly TrackWary Listener TrackWary PRO Complete
The data above is a comparison of MobileZenith's TrackWary Lite, TrackWary PRO Monthly, TrackWary Listener and TrackWary PRO Complete applications for the BlackBerry mobile device  
BlackBerry Messenger/Windows Messenger/Google Talk/ICQ Log Emailed
Quick QR Code Install
Remote Listening
Auto Call Join
GPS Tracking
Contacts, Calendar, Tasks Logging
Call Reports
Email Forwarding
Media Files Emailed (Photos and Videos)
Remote Settings Configuration
Remote Sending of Commands
Online Reports
Use WiFi first when available
Runs in Stealth mode
SMS/MMS/PIN Messages
Battery Power/Temperature
Multiple Device Installs
$9.99 $24.95/month $139.00 $198.00/year